Friendship compatibility

Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is basically harmonic because of 2 conjoining elements of Earth and Water. These signs are like younger and elder brother for each other, Taurus is young here. The friends easily understand each other and guess what his/her friend wants. Taurus learns how to be creative, and Pisces understands how to materialize all these ideas. However, the problems are possible to happen.

Tips for Taurus

- Don’t be so demanding to Pisces, your friend won’t stand such behavior;

- Try to prevent jawboning from your friend, or you’ll fell yourself depressed.

Tips for Pisces

- Try not to show your mood swings to your friend, Taurus won’t understand them and will try to find a reason in himself/herself;

- Don’t resist when your friend makes you give up smoking or another bad habit.

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