Friendship compatibility

Pisces and Sagittarius

Pisces and Sagittarius Friendship compatibility

These signs have no compatibility in love, they won’t create a family together. But they can be really good friends. Sagittarius plays the role of adviser, sharing his/her thoughts and ideas. Pisces is a leader in these relationships, and he/she chooses Sagittarius as a friend because he/she appreciates his/her creativity. Anxious Sagittarius can find peace near Pisces, who’ll show the direction and help to find new goals.

Tips for Pisces

- Try to control your mood swings near your friend, as he/she takes everything personally;

- Don’t think too much before doing something, Sagittarius hates people who hesitate and can’t understand what they really need.

Tips for Sagittarius

- Be careful with the words and actions as your friend is very sensitive and may nurse a grudge on you;

- Don’t blame your friend and try to support him/her no matter he/she’s done.

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