Friendship compatibility

Libra and Pisces

Libra and Pisces Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is determined by Libra, he/she decides whether Pisces a good friend or not. This leading role makes Pisces dependent on Libra’s goals, wishes and mood. Pisces thinks if Libra communicates with him/her, they’re friends, but it’s often wrong. This misunderstanding often leads to conflicts, Pisces even becomes aggressive while Libra tries to finish everything because harmony and calm are the main things for him/her.

Tips for Libra

- Be ready that one day you’ll be tired of Pisces, but it’ll be hard to get rid of him/her;

- Don’t give high expectations to your “friend”, it won’t lead to anything good.

Tips for Pisces

- Look at what Libra has done for you, do you see anything important?

- Don’t be so tiresome if you don’t want to lose Libra as a friend.

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