Friendship compatibility

Libra and Cancer

Libra and Cancer Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility isn’t evident. On one hand, a union of Libra the strategist and Cancer the tactician provides great opportunities for co-operation. On the other hand, dreamy and sensitive Cancer may be disappointed when faces the Libra’s cold calculus and constant searching for a profit. Cancers, don’t wait for much soulfulness in such a friendship.

Tips for Libra

- Don’t forget to share your ideas and strategies with a friend to make him/her sure you’re moving in the same direction;

- Stop telling your friends about his/her weaknesses so directly, it may hurt a Cancer.

Tips for Cancer

- Don’t control your friend so much and leave him/her some space to communicate with other people;

- Agree to some Libra’s ideas and sometimes prefer trips and new events to your good old, bad old home. It’ll save your friendship.

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