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Leo and Pisces

Leo and Pisces Friendship compatibility

Leo’s aspiration for new feelings and his/her friend’s self-interest create a great base for friendship compatibility between these 2 signs. However, if Leo on his/her bones, Pisces loves his/her friend for a big heart. The first period of communication will bring a lot of emotions for both friends, they’ll talk and entertain together a lot. But at once Pisces will notice that Leo is too simple-minded, and Leo will notice Pisces’ incoherence. Read our recommendations on how to save this friendship for a long.

Tips for Leo

- Stop trying to change yourself, your friend won’t be happy if you lose yourself to become ideal for him/her.

- Be more attentive and try to understand when your friend is playing the role of a friend without actually being a friend.

Tips for Pisces

- It’s impossible for you to change for Leo, that’s why we recommend at least support his/her;

- Don’t manipulate your friend that much, he/she won’t stand it.

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