Friendship compatibility

Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra Friendship compatibility

This is friendship compatibility, which connects Leo and Libra for the whole life. They will be friends together at school, at work, when they get families and till the end of life. It happens because Leo and Libra are soulmates. Leo helps his/her “younger brother/sister” with useful advice and direct through life difficulties. Libra is a great listener, he/she supports all new ideas that Leo shows regularly.

Tips for Leo

- Be more attentive with your friend not to offend him/her;

- Don’t make all decisions alone as it can make your friend think he/she is useless for you.

Tips for Libra

- Be aware of what Leo does and control when he/she tries to use you for his/her goals;

- Don’t take offense at Leo when he/she forgets about you, he/she just addicted to a new project.

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