Friendship compatibility

Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer Friendship compatibility

The friendship compatibility of these signs isn’t evident. On one hand, Leo is a good friend for Cancer, if we speak about making dreams come true. Leo helps Cancer in all undertakings as Leos are leaders in friendship, they prop up their dreamy friends. On the other hand, there’s a risk to disappoint Leos. They need to be spoken about all the time and can’t imagine their life without being in the spotlight. Cancers sometimes can’t provide it and feel left. Also, constant Cancer’s moaning can spoil the communication.

Tips for Leo

- Be patient with all Cancer’s moans to get the care your friend can easily provide you with.

- Don’t be too egocentric and leave your friend some space. Cancer yet won’t blanket you.

Tips for Cancer

- Never criticize your friend in the public eye and give generous praise.

- Don’t be too passive while Leo helps you with a new idea, you’ll be glad about a result.

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