Friendship compatibility

Leo and Aries

Leo and Aries Friendship compatibility

It's not the best friendship compatibility for these 2 fire signs. They argue all the time, burst all negative emotions on each other and compete in all spheres of life. Leo and Aries are inclined to spend the whole budget on luxury and entertainment, that's why their friend meets are always in splendor places. These two bright personalities won't probably be friends for a long time.

Tips for Leo

- Be ready to play a "child" role in your pair and accept that your friend is more rational and serious;

- Try to support the ideas of your friend and you'll see how well you can work together.

Tips for Aries

- Don't be too pushy and leave some space to your adventurous friend;

- Control yourself when you're about to make a scandal if you feel it's time to stop communicating, try to do it without emotions.

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