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Gemini and Gemini

Gemini and Gemini Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is based on mutual interest. These 2 friends keep their friendship by sharing fresh news, meeting with new people, traveling together and having the same hobbies. An interesting thing is that Gemini and Gemini changes their roles, one day the first one will be a leader, the next day he/she will be directed by the friend. Also, it'll be good for both to have a third friend in a company, as the friends look at each other as in the mirror.

Tips for Gemini

- Don’t concentrate on the ideas and think more about their realization. Maybe, for these goals you’ll need to find the third friend;

- Be open in your thoughts and feelings as your friend can think you’re pretending and it’ll lead to a conflict;

- Be ready that your friendship won’t last long and just enjoy this communication.

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