Friendship compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is seen from the first meet of the 2 signs. They are similar in their thoughts, goals, and intentions. However, Aquarius doesn't understand why it's so important for Gemini to be in a spot, and Gemini is far from the Aquarius' idea of staying with himself/herself more often. Hopefully, it doesn't spoil their mutual entertaining which is always interesting.

Tips for Gemini

- Try to be more serious as your friend hates communicating with unreliable people;

- Don’t be so conceited. There’s nothing wrong in making the first step.

Tips for Aquarius

- Don’t be jealous with your friend and leave him/her some space for new friends;

- Try to be more flexible when you don’t have money, there are a lot of free ways of entertainment. Don’t refuse meeting with Gemini because of the financial problems.

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