Friendship compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer and Sagittarius Friendship compatibility

It’s a questionable thing whether there’s friendship compatibility between these 2 signs. On one hand, a Cancer will impress a Sagittarius from the first minutes of their communication, they will be attracted to one another. There are some inconsistencies, on the other. For example, a Cancers are glad their friends can do something which is hard for them but think Sagittarius act awkward and too straightforward.

Tips for Cancer

- Stop using your friend for personal goals not to lose him/her or do it very carefully not to allow a Sagittarius understands what’s happening;

- Don’t be afraid to share any secrets and plans with your friend as this sign is one of the most faithful ones.

Tips for Sagittarius

- Don’t allow Cancers rule you so much, try to win back some space not to make your friends bored;

- Be careful with the words as Cancers are very sensitive and you can easily offense them.

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