Friendship compatibility

Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces Friendship compatibility

The friendship compatibility built on emotional connection. These 2 signs are great friends as they understand each other easily. However, sometimes the phases of negative mood are phased and it’s hard to know what Cancer thinks or what Pisces does as they’re closed to themselves. But the friends are always supportive, that’s why such friendship becomes stronger through the years.

Tips for Cancer

- Don’t be afraid to listen to Pisces’ advice, as they can lead to new discoveries about you and your life;

- Share all ideas with your friend as you both are very creative and can make something really great together.

Tips for Pisces

- Don’t criticize your friend too often not to let him/her get stuck on emotional stress;

- Remember that you’re like an elder brother/sister for a Cancer, so direct your friend to positive thoughts and actions.

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