Friendship compatibility

Aries and Capricorn

Aries and Capricorn Friendship compatibility

It’s hard to say there’s any friendship compatibility between these 2 signs. They don’t feel equal and it ruins all good happening with them. The only case for such a friendship to last long is when Aries is older than Capricorn and can direct his/her friend and help with useful advice. And they’ll solve the problems and communicate with each other until Aries is happy to give this support and Capricorn – to receive it.

Tips for Aries

- Don’t think about your friend as a performer of all your wishes;

- Sometimes it’s better to forget about your pride and find a compromise.

Tips for Capricorn

- Don’t ask your friend for help too often. Also, don’t ask money for your new adventures;

- Being jealous and thinking that Aries spends more time with another friend isn’t the best thing.

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