Friendship compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius

Aquarius and Aquarius Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is questionable, it’s hard to predict how two people of Aquarius sign will behave. But there’s one tendency that doesn’t raise questions – the friends will like each other for the first time, and then will be disappointed with their new friend. It happens because they have similar strengths and weaknesses. It’ll be better if you meet rare, go to the cinema once a month or try new food in a restaurant to have something to discuss.

Tips for Aquarius

- If you want to save this friendship, try to do everything to diversify your time spent together. You both get bored with each other too fast;

- Don’t plan traveling or to open a mutual together as nobody is ready to take responsibility for your couple;

- Quarrels won’t solve your problems, but leaving each other on time will.

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