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Leo and Cancer

Leo and Cancer Career compatibility

Cancer and Leo is the worst career match ever! Once you discover such a nasty pair in the office, you should start thinking of some good reasons to get rid of at least one of them. Despite the fact both signs are very emotional, they express their emotions in a different way. Cancer likes whining about his or her unfair life driving Leo mad with constant complaints. Leo is likely to get exhausted will all that feeling blue. The sign is associated with leadership and inability to share the first place with someone else.

However, the union is not as hopeless as it may seem. Leo boasts a creative state of mind in addition to generosity. He or she may cope with different challenges even in the face of whining Cancer. At the same time, Cancer will certainly give back with the most loyal and dedicated approach to the common assignment. In other words, they make put some things together at work but not recommended!

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