What Is Your Zodiac Sign Based on Your Date of Birth?

Zodiac sign dates are the periods indicating the astrological sign based on the date of birth, particularly the day and the month. The approximate length of each of them is one month, and altogether, there are twelve zodiac signs. However, there are different theories on how to determine those dates, which may be confusing.

If you wish to find out more about zodiac sign dates, the ways to determine your astrological sign, and some interesting information, just keep reading this article.

Astrology Used: Tropical vs Sidereal

The astrologists have different approaches to determining zodiac sign dates. However, all of them take into account ecliptic, which is an imaginary line in the sky that marks the great circle of our planet. As out planet keeps moving constantly around the sun and occurs in different positions in relation to the sun and the constellations, the zodiac signs occur at diverse times.

As you may have already guessed, it takes about one month for the Earth to move far enough, which is 30 degrees, so that the sun can occur in another constellation. The Earth makes the full cycle (360 degrees) in about 365 days (which is one year) and finally comes back to the initial point, and everything begins all over again.

Did you know that the Earth wobbles? The first to notice this fact was Hipparchus, a Greek scientist born approximately 200 B.C. He noticed that the sun was in a bit earlier position during the Vernal Equinox every year. The rotation of our planet’s axis changes 1° approximately every 71.5 years, which eventually gives a significant difference. Currently, it is approximately 23° compared to what it was a few thousand years ago.

So, what about Tropical Astrology? It is based on the theory that zodiac signs actually depend on the seasons and constellations created by the fixed stars, and neither Earth’s wobbles nor other differences really matter. The Tropical Zodiac was created by Ptolemy, a Greek astrologist who was born about 300 hundred years later than Hipparchus. He named zodiac signs after the group of stars forming constellations. Today, Tropical dates are what we mainly use to determine our zodiac signs. On the other hand, more and more specialists prefer to use Sidereal astrology. For instance, there is the Vedic astrology based on the Sidereal approach. Like Tropical astrology, it has twelve equal areas, but it is based on movable zodiacs.

How to Determine Your Zodiac Sign?

How to Determine Your Zodiac Sign?

All you need to do to determine your zodiac sign is to look at zodiac sign dates and find your astrological sign based on your day and month of birth. For instance, if you are born on March 23, then your zodiac sign will be Aries. There are two dates for each sign. The first one shows when the range begins, and another indicates when it ends.

For example, everyone born between March 21 and April 19 belongs to Aries. Those born before or after this range belong to other zodiac signs.

Check the zodiac signs by date according to Tropical astrology:

  • Aries (the first sector) — March 21 - April 20;
  • Taurus (the second sector) — April 21 - May 21;
  • Gemini (the third sector) — May 22 - June 21;
  • Cancer (the fourth sector) — June 22 - July 22;
  • Leo (the fifth sector) — July 23 - August 23;
  • Virgo (the sixth sector) — August 24 - September 23;
  • Libra (the seventh sector) — September 24 - October 23;
  • Scorpio (the eighth sector) — October 24 - November 22;
  • Sagittarius (the ninth sector) — November 23 - December 21;
  • Capricorn (the tenth sector) — December 22 - January 20;
  • Aquarius (the eleventh sector) — January 21 - February 18;
  • Pisces (the twelfth sector) — February 19 - March 20.

Check the zodiac signs by date according to Sidereal astrology:

  • Aries (the first sector ) — April 14 - May 14;
  • Taurus (the second sector) — May 15 - June 14;
  • Gemini (the third sector) — June 15 - July 15;
  • Cancer (the fourth sector) — July 16 - August 16;
  • Leo (the fifth sector) — August 17 - September 16;
  • Virgo (the sixth sector) — September 17 - October 16;
  • Libra (the seventh sector) — October 17 - November 15;
  • Scorpio (the eighth sector) — November 16 - December 15;
  • Sagittarius (the ninth sector) — December 16 - January 13;
  • Capricorn (the tenth sector) — January 14 - February 12;
  • Aquarius (the eleventh sector) — February 13 - March 12;
  • Pisces (the twelfth sector) — March 13 - April 13.

How to Understand Dates for Those Born on a Cusp?

In astrology, a cusp means the imaginary line separating two consecutive zodiac signs. The thing is that while the sun moves from one zodiac sign to another on the same date, there are exceptions. It can actually shift by a day, which depends on the year. If you are born on one of the following dates, you can be considered to be born on a cusp:

  • Aries or Taurus (April 19 to April 20);
  • Taurus or Gemini (May 20 to May 21);
  • Gemini or Cancer (June 20 to June 21);
  • Cancer or Leo (July 22 to July 23);
  • Leo or Virgo (August 22 to August 23);
  • Virgo or Libra (September 22 to September 23);
  • Libra or Scorpio (October 22 to October 23);
  • Scorpio or Sagittarius (November 21 to November 22);
  • Sagittarius or Capricorn (December 21 to December 22);
  • Capricorn or Aquarius (January 19 to January 20);
  • Aquarius or Pisces (February 18 to February 19);
  • Pisces or Aries (March 21 to March 22).

It does not mean that in this case, you will have two signs. You can have only one zodiac sign, and what you need is just to determine which one it is. You can do it if you know that exact time of your birth. It is possible to use special charts where you just need to enter some details to figure out what sign you really are.

Is There the 13th Zodiac Sign?

Ophiuchus — it is the name of the so-called 13th zodiac sign. The sun appears in the Ophiuchus cancellation from November 30 to December 18. Even NASA has announced that there is a 13th zodiac sign! However, you should remember that Western astrology does not take into account any changes like shifting or wobbles. It considers the actual positions of the fixed stars, an imaginary circle around the Sun, and twelve equal sections. Therefore, you are likely the zodiac sign that you have always been.

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