The fatal Planets Align — the Destiny of Our Times

At the beginning of July 2020, the planets will line up in one line. The Planets Align can greatly affect various phenomena in the world, the occurrence of natural disasters, the fate of entire countries, etc., as well as cause significant changes in the lives of individuals. The interaction and opposition of different celestial bodies are often the cause of unpredictable events. But, knowing the main trends in the influence of celestial bodies on each other, we can prepare, avoid the negative consequences and take advantage of future opportunities.

We are approaching the beginning of a new decade and more accurate conjunction of the Saturn / Pluto. In January, Mercury and the Sun will join this aspect, in March - Jupiter with Mars, then Jupiter will remain until the end of the year, but in December, together with Saturn, will enter into the sigh of Aquarius.

Aspects of Saturn and Pluto have always been decisive: in 1914, during the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, the First World War began. At the beginning of World War II, in 1939, Saturn and Pluto were in a tense aspect. During the conjunction of this fateful planet in 1983, the Cold War intensified. And the September 11 attack is a tragic day in the period of confrontation between Saturn and Pluto.

It would be presumptuous to make accurate predictions of world events for 2020 using astrology, but we can assume that these are the last fundamental changes related to the struggle for power, organizational structures, state borders, the seizure and redistribution of resources.

When crisis (Pluto), control (Saturn) and ideal (Jupiter) are combined, too much is at stake. The fatal Planets Align culminates on January 12-13, March 21-25 and during June, and it will determine the future of the world.

During this period, each of us may encounter a certain degree of responsibility, with the unsightly side of being and some limitations. This period is characterized by very severe events, life will break us, test our strengths, and nothing will depend on us, so no matter what we will try to do, we are powerless to resist the influence of the planets. On an individual level, this is both a blessing and a curse. If we are ready to rethink our life path and protect what is dear to us, we can change everything in a specific scope of ​​life. It all depends on the house of the natal chart, in which the planets Align takes place.

At the end of 2020, Jupiter, together with Saturn, will enter the sign of Aquarius, so Destiny requires unification and the search for common ways of development and solving accumulated problems. In 2021/2022, when the pressure of the fatal Planets Align subsides, the tense aspect of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus will give rise to new stages of development. Throughout this period, it’s best to solve life problemsб however, but only if we turn to the spirit of the time of Uranus and without reservation any accept the proposed changes.

The new decade should be calmer than the previous one because cosmic forces will be in harmony: the favorable aspect of Neptune / Pluto, when Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius and Neptune into Aries, will work for stability, trust, and unity in world affairs. We observed this aspect from 1945 to 1995, when humanity was overcoming the consequences of World War II, and then the Cold War...

After Pluto and Neptune complete their epochal processions, Uranus will enter into Gemini in 2025, creating a harmonious configuration with other planets until 2029, and this even though under the influence of Uranus, military conflicts sometimes occurred. During the years 2025-2026, Saturn will move to the sigh of Aries, so this new spirit of the time could miraculously manifest itself.

May peace be upon us all and may Jupiter will be favorable to us!

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