Possible diseases of different zodiac signs. What astrologers say about health

Watch your health. Disease prevention is always easier than cure.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

It is a very energetic and often impulsive zodiac sign that cannot stand inactivity and is prone to taking things hard. Their pace of life is the main reason for their health problems. Being always ahead and active, they do not pay attention to the first symptoms and quiet "signs" and rush to conquer the next peak, until the disease knocks them down on the run.

Aries gets ill infrequently but seriously. For example, a simple cold can lead to problems with the eyes or ears. Everything can even get worse because Aries does not like to listen and obey someone; therefore, they often do not follow the prescribed treatment and make excuses saying “It will go away on its own!” until they are finally hooked up to an IV.

Aries should avoid exhaustion due to work or exercise. Poor nutrition is bad for them, making them vulnerable to diseases.

Main risks. Problems with teeth and joints, blood disorders, sinusitis, neuralgia, neurosis, migraine, hypertension, colds, inflammatory and eye diseases.

Risk factors. Aries’s health condition depends on one’s pace of life and how one takes various situations. The second most important factor for them is keeping themselves warm — when feeling cold, Arieses quickly lose their energy and become vulnerable to disease.

Risk-reducing factors. Limit alcohol intake. Follow your doctor’s recommendations and take prescribed medications. Do not try to manage disease by willpower only. Stick to a proper diet; otherwise, you may also suffer from digestive disorders. The main weapon of Aries for staying young and healthy is doing everything in moderation. Yes, it is not easy for Aries, but the result is worth it.

Additional Info. Women have an increased risk of problems with the genitourinary system and menstrual irregularities. In men, promiscuous sexual activity can lead to early impotence.

Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

This is one of the healthiest zodiac signs because Taurus has a high innate resistance to illnesses and a strong physique. However, there is a nuance — Taurus is a sign that does not stick to half measures. If there is a “weak link”, the chain will break immediately. Therefore, Taurus should not take his or her health for granted as one should take care of it and regularly undergo a medical examination. If Taurus gets ill, it can be a long-lasting and serious disease.

In addition, stress is one of the main factors affecting Taurus’s health. This sign cannot be called optimistic — Taurus is usually either realistic or pessimistic. It is especially seen during their illness, and the despondency due to their disease may result in the worsening of their condition when one disease seems to "attract" another. Therefore, Taurus should take preventive services seriously and take all measures to stop disease at the very beginning, preventing it from further development.

Main risks. ENT disorders, diabetes mellitus, obesity, osteochondrosis, genitourinary disorders, thyroid gland diseases, varicose veins, depression, and ankle injuries.

Risk factors. Tauruses’ health depends on how everything is good and stable in their lives. Their bodies are strong, and a gateway to disease is mainly opened by stress. Another “Achilles' heel” of Taurus is that one is prone to excessiveness — too much eating, too much drinking, too much smoking or even too much doing sports.

Risk-reducing factors. Everything that reduces stress levels, from yoga and gardening to changing a job to less stressful. Harmony, confidence in the future and financial stability are the best protection from disease for Taurus.

Additional Info. The organism of Taurus has an unusual ability to produce additional life energy, and it makes this by its main "weak part" — the throat. Everything activating the vocal cords, particularly singing, makes Taurus more cheerful and happier.

Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

Loneliness, boredom, lack of goals, or, on the contrary, increased mental activity due to lots of plans and interaction with other people — this is what can lead to health problems in Gemini. Representatives of this sign cannot be called physically strong. From childhood, they may suffer from headaches, insomnia, poor eyesight, stuttering, or speech loss due to stress. They are predisposed to depression, neurasthenia, and various types of psychoses.

However, people born under this sign are amazingly flexible and able to adapt to different conditions. Geminis just need to realize what their weakness is, and they will immediately begin to work on the problem in order to soften the blow.

Main risks. Insomnia, depression, vascular diseases, eye and speech disorders, allergies, skin and joint diseases. Nervous system diseases may be accompanied by concurrent medical conditions, such as asthma.

Risk factors. Worries and lack of quality communication with other people are the main causes of Gemini's health problems.

Risk-reducing factors. Communication with nice people. Gemini literally languishes in boredom and loneliness. They need to constantly move, be among people, stay in the thick of it, be the first to know the news as well as they need to find important and enjoyable activities. If nothing happens in the life of Gemini, any activity can help — usual long walks will help maintain good health and prevent depression.

Additional Info. It is useful for Gemini to do non-difficult exercises outdoor, especially those focusing on breathing.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

For people of this sign, lots of things depend on their mood, including resistance to disease. Cancers often catch a whole bunch of possible diseases in childhood. In addition, they are very sensitive to pain — a single thought of the possibility of experiencing it scares them and activates a chain reaction. Probably self-pity is one of the most dangerous factors responsible for the well-being and health condition of Cancer. But they are rather suggestible and able to convince themselves of anything, including good things. Therefore, although Cancer’s health is not the best, one can prevent some diseases.

Cancers are tightly connected with the moon — during the full moon and new moon, their resistance to diseases reduces.

Main risks. Stomach, digestive and nervous system diseases. Heart and kidney diseases occur less often.

Risk factors. It is important to have a clear idea of how Cancer perceives incoming information — one digests it as food, so bad news can affect its digestive system as a poor diet.

Risk-reducing factors. It is important to stick to a proper diet — overeating is very bad for Cancers and can lead to chronic constipation, obesity, and associated diabetes. Malnutrition is also destructive and can lead to a stomach ulcer. Activity, sports requiring little effort, long walks, massage, and meditation can increase their immunity. Everything related to water is very important for Cancer — swimming or showering helps one cope with stress.

Additional Info. Women of this sign often feel bad after abortion that may also lead to various complications. Also, they may suffer from menstrual cramps that sometimes may be accompanied by migraines. During breastfeeding, their risk of mastitis increases.

Leo (July 23 - August 23)

People of this sign always worry about something, and they are always in a hurry. Their diseases occur mainly due to these two factors: worries lead to heart diseases; the habit of focusing on plenty of things may cause problems with the back, and haste is the reason for inattention, due to which Leo can get injured. People born under this sign quickly overcome diseases as long as there are enough innate resources.

Representatives of this sign are often frivolous, which does not add to their concentration. Being too worried about little things (“something did not come around as I expected it to be”), Leos often simply do not take seriously the dangers they should pay their attention to.

All in all, Leos are highly resistant to disease, but if they worry too much about their failure, this can cause serious problems with the cardiovascular system.

Main risks. Cardiovascular and spinal diseases. Blood disorders, spasms, convulsions, and nervous breakdowns occur less often.

Risk factors. Leo cannot resist any kind of temptation, which can seriously wear out one’s body by adulthood. In simple words, Leos are prone to overestimating their great but limited strength, and they recognize dangers only when the problem becomes protracted.

Risk-reducing factors. Being around loving and loved ones — this is what protects Leo from serious health problems. The sign led by the Sun needs to shine and be the center of everything that happens in one’s world.

Additional Info. Except loved and loving people, creativity or any other activity that allow unlocking their potential is also good for Leos. Plans and their implementation — this is what gives Leo the energy and strength to overcome even serious diseases without much loss.

Virgo (August 24 - September 23)

Unlike other earth signs, Virgo does not have lots of physical strength. They are prone to the development of various ailments, and their recovery is slow and difficult.

Representatives of this sign are prone to several extremes at once — exhausting themselves with physical activity, worrying too much about everything bad that may happen, and taking everything happening too pessimistically. It does not mean that Virgo is too emotional, but rather recovering from a shock slower than others. Due to this, the respiratory and nervous systems may suffer while the genitourinary system may be affected indirectly. Problems with the digestive system may also arise — while Virgo is capable of following a proper diet, spastic constipation is still very likely.

Due to excessive suspiciousness, Virgo sometimes behaves strangely and cannot establish healthy relationships. For example, one can avoid sexual relations because of the fear of catching sexually transmitted diseases.

Main risks. Gastrointestinal disorders, problems with respiratory, nervous, and genitourinary systems. Joint diseases occur less often.

Risk factors. Any physical and nervous overstrain instantly affect the health of Virgo.

Risk-reducing factors. It is very important for Virgo to have a job that they like. Otherwise, it can become another reason causing problems with nervous and digestive systems. Also, Virgo should practice proper hygiene. One should do everything possible to avoid food poisoning and take special care about the cleanliness of the body and the quality of food during trips.

Additional Info. Typically, over time Virgos get ill rarer than in childhood and adolescence, as they get used to take care of their health and become more emotionally stable.

Libra (September 24 - October 23)

Energy is very important for Libras. In fact, all their diseases occur due to poor resistance to cold, stress, or something else. In general, the resistance to disease is quite low in this sign. It is possible that seemingly healthy Libra actually suffers from some kind of ailment.

Constant doubts and lack of self-confidence are the dangers that reduce their organism's resistance to disease. Those Libras who are especially prone to introspection and excessive self-criticism often have various nervous system diseases, which includes manic-depressive disorder. If Libras manage to reach a more or less stable mental balance, they can forget about the problems with the nervous system.

The genitourinary system is another weakness of Libras, especially if a representative of this sign drinks too much alcohol. Cystitis and chronic kidney diseases are among the disorders typical for Libras. They recover slowly, and diseases are often accompanied by complications.

Main risks. Genitourinary disorders, kidneys, vascular, and nervous system diseases, arrhythmias, rheumatism, and problems with the lumbar spine.

Risk factors. The sense of harmony is very important for Libras. Often, taking care of their appearance is useful for their overall well-being. Warmth is healing for Libras since their energy potential is low and their blood flow is rather sluggish. Keeping their feet warm is especially important. The acid-base balance plays a significant role in their overall health conditions; therefore, it is recommended to regularly consume citrus fruits and avoid using hot spices.

Risk-reducing factors. Avoiding cold, drafts and dampness as well as conflict situations that significantly deplete Libra's energy. For this sign, it is very important to find a partner to feel peace and harmony at his or her side. This will eliminate all problems with the nervous system and significantly reduce risks for other parts of the body. Libras staying in harmonious relationships are healthy and often live for a long time.

Additional Info. Even if everything seems to be good, you need to regularly take a urine test.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

This sign has an impressive margin of physical strength, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. After all, knowing that it is not easy for disease to knock them down, Scorpios begin to believe in their own invulnerability, and as a result, they work too much, affecting their own health.

If Scorpios get ill, they go to one of the two extremes —they will either overcome the disease incredibly quickly or “get stuck” in it for a long time, and then the treatment will require a lot of time and, sometimes, the use of more serious medications than for other patients.

This zodiac sign has problems with finding a balance — they can go overboard in anything. Scorpios are prone to excesses in all things; they are impulsive and short-tempered. Because of all this, they may suffer from depression, insomnia, as well as problems with the blood vessels and heart. The situation can get worse by the fact that Scorpios may often change doctors, considering each of them insufficiently qualified, due to which the treatment can take a much longer time.

Main risks. Endocrine and genitourinary systems, phobias and other mental problems, cardiovascular diseases, problems with the nasopharynx. Problems with the back and lower limbs occur less often.

Risk factors. Scorpios are seriously affected by inaction and unfulfilled plans. This can cause serious mental and genital disorders as well as problems with the endocrine system. The lack of self-realization worsens the symptoms of any diseases that may turn to chronic.

Risk-reducing factors. Scorpios need to have a healthy sexual life as well as equal and understanding relations between partners. They also need to get enough sleep — insomnia is destructive for them. Representatives of this sign should learn to carefully consider risks since they are prone to underestimate the danger, which may lead to injuries, neglected diseases, and alcohol abuse.

Additional Info. Women may have problems with conceiving and childbearing. They have a higher risk of gynecological diseases and ectopic pregnancy. Both women and men have poor resistance to sexually transmitted diseases and genitourinary infections.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

Sagittarius has good health and physique, and if one gets ills, he or she usually recovers quickly. However, their immoderation (lots of activity or constant tension) can lead to the development of chronic diseases over the years. Often, Sagittarius just cannot stop, relax and have some rest, which is why one’s organism constantly works almost in an emergency mode.

Although Sagittariuses quickly recover from ailments, the course of diseases may be intensive with severe symptoms. People of this sign are emotional but in completely different ways, which determines not only their character but also health risks. So, energetic and optimistic Sagittariuses are more prone to injuries of the musculoskeletal system and sciatic nerve entrapment. On the other hand, tense and pessimistic representatives of the sign often suffer from liver diseases, arthritis, and arthrosis.

Main risks. Respiratory, liver, gastrointestinal, and joints diseases. Nervous system disorders and diabetes may occur in adulthood.

Risk factors. Their incapability to properly consider risks increases the chances of injuries — there are lots of reckless drives and extreme sports lovers among Sagittariuses.

Risk-reducing factors. Sparing time to have some rest and recover. Undergoing a medical examination. Doing away with neglecting ailments. Keeping to a diet by focusing on their own feelings and needs rather than on eating healthy food — Sagittariuses usually feel good when they eat rich and spicy food. However, one should avoid overeating as it is bad for the intestines and liver.

Additional Info. Due to the unfulfilled plans, some Sagittarius can become bitter and cynical, which increases the risks of obesity and sclerotic changes, which may also lead to vascular spasms and strokes.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

Capricorn is one of the few zodiac signs who become healthier with age. If a Capricorn child suffers from all kinds of ailments, by adulthood, one becomes a completely happy, strong person who will not get ill easily. Adult Capricorns get ill very rarely, and one of the reasons for this is that they get used to taking care of themselves and their health.

Some Capricorns have sensitive, easily irritated skin, and this problem may remain for their entire life. In this case, it is recommended to regularly visit a dermatologist, use sunscreens, and allergy medications.

In general, Capricorn is strong and rational enough to properly organize one’s life and exclude risk factors.

Main risks. Joints, bones, skin, kidney diseases, as well as migraines, toothache, nervous system disorders, problems with intestines, ligament injuries, and radiculitis.

Risk factors. The balance of physical activity and relaxation is important for Capricorn. One needs to alternate periods of activity and idleness even during a day, without waiting for a weekend or vacation.

Risk-reducing factors. One needs to have enough rest. Capricorns do not know how to do this, but their illnesses usually occur due to overwork. Reasonable physical activity to strengthen the spine will be useful. It is important to follow a proper diet — Capricorn gets a lot of energy from fresh fruits and calcium-rich foods. One should avoid cold and drafts as they are bad for the joints of Capricorn.

Additional Info. If an adult Capricorn suffers from atherosclerosis, joints or spine diseases, this is a clear sign that one bears a heavy load of responsibilities, and it should be shared with someone.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18)

This is one of those signs that do not worry about ailments and think "It will go away on its own." Even if a disease is serious, Aquarius is quite capable of not paying attention to it, skipping taking medications, and completely ignoring doctors’ recommendations.

Often Aquarians go to extremes — they either get exhausted due to too intense physical activity or do not leave their homes for weeks. Aquarians cannot be called strong while such spikes and valleys wear out their bodies even more.

Not being accustomed to physical activity in childhood, Aquariuses find themselves in even less favorable situations in adulthood — they do not like any activity, and this makes them more vulnerable to heart, vascular and nervous system diseases.

Aquarius does not like cold and heat. Living in a temperate climate is ideal for them, and they will feel better and get enough sleep. Aquarius can become a long-liver if learning self-discipline and taking care of one’s health properly.

Main risks. Cardiovascular and circulatory systems, problems with sleep, calf and ankle injuries.

Risk factors. Stressful brain activity can cause insomnia, nightmares, nervous system and psychosomatic disorders, such as convulsion, neuralgia, and gallbladder problems. Aquarius is affected by smoking more than representatives of other zodiac signs.

Risk-reducing factors. Well-balanced physical activity. Developing self-discipline, undergoing a medical examination, following recommendations of doctors. Self-discipline and planning will help get rid of emotional and mental stress, which will reduce the risks of diseases typical of Aquarius. Long walks in the fresh air help manage sleep problems. Moderate exercises and vitamins are also useful. A sedentary lifestyle is not recommended.

Additional Info. Aquarius has a weak resistance to infectious diseases and a higher risk of dizziness and sunstroke.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

People of this sign may suffer from a variety of diseases as they are not strong, but melancholic and rather apathetic in everything, including things related to their health. Pisces either underestimate the dangers or take them too close to heart. Like nobody else, Pisces often suffer from unusual diseases and conditions, which doctors find difficult to diagnose and treat — this is the result of Pisces’ melancholy and their ability to create a totally different reality for themselves.

In childhood, Pisces often catch a cold, may suffer from pneumonia, refuse to eat well and move a lot. In adulthood, they are prone to fatigue and self-deceptiveness, so they can come up with any would-be ailment. But Pisces can heal themselves with the help of the very same autosuggestion if only they find the strength to break out of the abyss of melancholy. In fact, their innate resources are great, but Pisces is too apathetic to use them constantly.

Main risks. Liver, hemorrhagic, gastrointestinal diseases. Edema, leg injuries, problems with the endocrine, immune, and lymphatic systems as well as psychiatric disorders.

Risk factors. Pisces is exactly the zodiac sign which has all diseases due to stress. As soon as the cause of stress disappears, the health condition stabilizes.

Risk-reducing factors. Pisces should try to organize their life so that the reality around them wouldn’t be emotionally traumatic, but at the same time, they should not be “excluded” from it and left on their own. It is important to control the condition of the legs, especially the feet. People of this sign should focus on ways to reduce stress. It is very important for Pisces to be close to loved ones. Being quite sensitive, they are able to perceive an approaching danger and timely react to it.

Additional Info. Pisces are very sensitive to any irritant and tend to hide from the real world in various ways, so they have a higher risk of alcoholism, drug addiction, and schizophrenia.

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