How to Find out Your Life Goal by Your Date of Birth

1. Write down your date of birth in the format: a date, a month, a year. For example: 26.12.1978. If you were born on the 23rd to 31st date, subtract the number 22 from your date. 26 – 22 = 4.

2. Write down the numbers of your month. In our case, this is the number 12.

3. Add all the year's numbers together: 1+9+7+8 = 25. If the amount is more than 22, subtract 22. In our case: 25 – 22 = 3.

4. Add together all the numbers received: 4+12+3 = 19. The received amount of the day, month and year will tell you about your life goal. So, a person born December 26, 1978, has a life goal at number 19.

5. If the final amount is more than 22, you need to subtract the number 22.

For example, 11.12.1991 = 11+12+20 = 43 – 22 = 21.

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If you got a number:

1. The Magician

Your life goal is to convey information to people, help with wise advice and create harmony and beauty through the word. A conversation with you can leave a deep mark in the hearts of people, because you can touch the strings of their soul in your own words. You need to learn to accept yourself as you are and work on your development. It is necessary to establish contacts with your inner circle, with your neighbors, with your brothers and sisters, as well as with your peers. You can find yourself in a case related to a word, speech, information (both spoken and written).

People with the number 1 in their life goals often become journalists, writers, translators, psychologists, esotericists.

2. The High Priestess

Your life goal is to know your inner world, learn how to hear your intuition, and work with large amounts of information. Your attention should be directed to matters related to the natural Sciences, nature, including the protection of animals. Strive to understand other people and help those who have lost their way to find their guiding star. You should be a good parent to your child, wise and fair, and a caring son or daughter to your mother.

People with the number 2 in their life goals often become ecologist, psychologist, doctor, teacher of secret knowledge, analyst, diagnostician.

3. The Empress

First of all, your attention should be drawn to such areas as beauty, culture and art. You need to monitor your appearance and the appearance of your loved ones, the decoration of the house, as well as to ensure that your family lives in harmony and material prosperity. But when building your own business or striving for masterpieces of world culture, you need to look for a Golden mean between the material and spiritual world. Also, on a higher level, you need to become a "mother", both literally- having given birth and raised a child, and figuratively - to create a work of art or invent something new, that is, to make something that will live after you.

Women need to reveal their femininity, and men need to learn to understand women and live in harmony with their spouse. People with the number 3 in their life goals often become stylist, interior designer, artist, jeweler, art critic, educator. And you can just be a good parent.

4. The Emperor

Your life goal is to become a professional and leave your mark as a professional. But most importantly-you need to become the master not only in the house, but also in your life, learn to take responsibility for what you do and for those who are under your command. You should set goals and achieve them, develop the right attitude to power. It is necessary to learn to understand your true desires from false ones. A man should pay attention to his masculinity, and a woman should not suppress a man, but get married and learn to live in harmony with her spouse. People with the number 4 in their life goals often become businessmen, Directors, administrators, officers.

5. The High Priest

Those who end up with the number 5 can become very good teachers, whom students will remember as wise, fair, and interesting individuals. In your life, you are supposed to receive knowledge and pass it on to others, engage in scientific research, study the history of peoples and their customs, preserve the traditions of your family and be their spiritual successor. Many people with this card, in addition to the teaching path, choose professions related to history, philosophy, become leaders of social movements and scientists.

6. The Lovers

Your life goal is to learn to choose with your heart, to make independent decisions based on your own choice. You need to love with all your soul and every cell of your body. You must know all the facets of love: motherly love, sexual and passionate, exalted and Platonic - and find your perfect recipe in a relationship with a partner to become a harmonious partner in your love union. It is also important to learn not to divide people on material, social and racial grounds, understanding that everyone deserves to be loved and happy. People with the number 4 in their life goals often become a good doctors, actors, confidants, loving and beloved spouses.

7. The Chariot

You should strive to change the world around you through your own success, professional achievements, and recognition. You can not be a mousy and hide behind the baseboard, you and your work results should be visible to everyone. Learn to work with a lot of contacts, large amounts of information, be portable and mobile, but not fussy. You also need to learn how to refuse those things that prevent you from achieving results, and those people who use you to the detriment of your interests. People with the number 7 in their life goals often find themselves in business, in professions related to transport, with many contacts and movements, in the military and politics.

8. Justice

Your goal in life is a deep understanding of justice, to ensure that the rights of others are respected, and to protect those rights. You cannot pass by situations where someone is treated unfairly, whether it is your home or the street. You can't bury your head in the sand when someone else is suffering from dishonesty. You also need to learn to take responsibility for all your actions, understanding that any of your actions will have consequences. Whatever you do, it will all have a result. If you do good, good will come back to you, if you do something nasty, don't expect anything nice. Also you need to learn self-control and the ability to maintain mental balance when even the smallest things are annoys you.

People with the number 8 in their life goals often become lawyers, judges, animal rights defenders, human rights defenders, as well as in professions where the main job is related to paperwork, or where care and accuracy are required.

9. The Hermit

Your life goal is spiritual development, constant work on yourself, and gaining wisdom and experience, which ideally should then be passed on to others. You need to learn from the mistakes of others, respecting the experience of previous generations. You should also study ancient cultures and traditions. You should treat the elderly with great attention and respect and help them. People with the number 8 in their life goals often become good teachers, esotericists, philosophers, scientists, historians, social workers who are engaged in helping the elderly and lonely people.

10. Wheel of Fortune

You need to learn how to properly manage money and find a balance between the spiritual and physical world, to understand that constancy is only in a graveyard, and in life everything changes. Your life goal is to provide financial support for yourself and your loved ones, and then financial assistance to other people. You should never behave dishonestly in financial matters or live on someone else's dime. You have to be careful when gambling to stop in time. On a more subtle level, you need to consciously pay off your karmic debts, knowing that everything you do gonna come back to you. You also need to pay attention to recurring situations, understand its lesson, and fix things. People with the number 8 in their life goals often become professions related to money, becoming an economist, banker, businessman, accountant, and reincarnation specialist.

11. Strength

You have two main goals in life — taking care of your physical body and true love in its earthly manifestation. You need to exercise, keep your body in good shape, and help others to do the same. You also need to develop such qualities as strength, boldness, courage, you need to get rid of fears and learn to stand up for your beliefs and be a true leader that people would want to follow voluntarily. You need to understand that love is a synthesis of the spiritual and physical aspects, and feelings without sex and sex without feelings are an incomplete relationship between a man and a woman who call themselves a couple. People with the number 11 in their life goals often find their place in law enforcement agencies and military organizations, become athletes, massage therapists, and experts in the field of Dating and pair relations.

12. The Hanged Man

Your life goal is to learn to control your emotions and experiences, to get rid of fears and insecurities. You need to learn to evaluate situations from different angles, developing a versatile vision. Another of your life goals is to develop mediumistic abilities and the skill to feel the beauty of the world, music, and the human soul subtly. You also need to learn to sacrifice small things for something bigger, and at the same time avoid the position of sacrifice. You cannot get carried away with an alcohol and other drugs, on the contrary, you need to get rid of bad habits yourself and help someone who needs help with this problem. You can find your way in science, psychology, philosophy, art.

13. Death

Your life goal is to learn how to react correctly and calmly to sudden changes, to let go of the old and outdated things, to clear the internal and external space. You should develop altruism and help other people in extreme and difficult situations completely selflessly. You cannot pass by someone else's suffering without trying to help. People with the number 13 in their life goals often become doctors, nurses, veterinarians, social workers, and find their place in professions that involve risking life and saving people (firefighters, emergency responders, and stuntmen).

14. Temperance

Your life goal is to bring harmony to your environment, find a balance between the world inside and outside, and learn to do everything in a timely manner. You need to learn to find compromises and a middle ground in any situation. You can be a good guide for others and a link between two people or a group of strangers, to bring them together, to introduce them to each other. People can Confidently become good mediators, peacemakers, social workers, guides, tour guides, watchmakers, healers.

15. The Devil

You've got a difficult card, and you have a lot of goals in life. You need to learn to control your energy and distribute it correctly. You should get rid of all sorts of temptations and dependencies that bind you, avoid the world of crime and avoid black magic. You must understand how the forced sacrifice differs from the victim's position. You need to understand the role of sex in life and learn how to manage sexual energy. You can have healing and various esoteric abilities, so it is important to learn how to treat this correctly and direct your energy to help other people. You can do business, become a healer, esoteric, showman, psychologist, and ... a sensual and skilled sexual partner.

16. The Tower

Your goal in life is to build your life, your character, your home - everything that needs to be built. But the most important thing is to learn to leave in the past what has already outlived itself, what prevents us from moving forward, so that a new and relevant thing comes to replace the old and outdated. Starting to build a new one, you need to finish what you started and delete programs that have already been completed. The biggest mistake you can make in life is the desire for stability and the desire not to change anything, using old and sometimes unviable programs. You can find your place in administrative activities, architecture, website programming, and organizations with a wide branch network, or simply in building your own home.

17. The Star

You must develop your creative or artistic talent, imaginatively approach any business and learn to feeling beautiful things. You must fill this world with beauty, and no matter what this beauty will manifest itself in: in music, in art paintings or in home decoration. You can be a good friend, and friendship in your life will neither the last nor the least thing. People with the number 17 in their life goals often become famous artists, art historians, astrologers, and wonderful friends.

18. The Moon

Your life goal is to get rid of fears, insecurities, and work on developing your intuition and imagination. You need to learn to understand yourself, to see the hints that your subconscious sends you. Your sphere where you can draw energy — home comfort, cooking, caring for children and loved ones. You must create convenience and comfort for other people, meet their needs for warmth, create a harmonious environment in your team. You can't ignore other people's feelings, treat them dryly and formally, or create a mess in your home. You can realize yourself by becoming a cook, psychologist, doctor, adviser, astrologer, fortune-teller, a good parent and a wonderful host.

19. The Sun

Your life goal is to become the sun for yourself, and then for others: to warm, to help, inspire confidence and charge with optimism. You need to form the right self-esteem, without switching to the side of egocentrism and self-deprecation. You should develop such qualities as: generosity, kindness, honesty, and the ability to lead. You need to give up trying to find out what others will say or think about you.You can realize yourself in politics, leadership, and creative professions.

20. Rejuvenation

Your life goal is to create and maintain harmonious relationships in the family, help parents and relatives. You need to learn the history of your family, your blood, and pass it on to future generations. Another of your goals is to create your own system of values based on universal justice and humanism. But at the same time, you should not impose your values on others rudely and fanatically. People with the number 17 in their life goals often choose the profession of a historian, family psychologist and family doctor, work in the judicial and legal system, and, of course, you can become a loving and beloved family member.

21. The World

Your life goal is to be open to everything new, unusual, "foreign". You need to learn to be tolerant and open-minded towards different peoples, races, and any social population groups. Your another goal Is to create a harmonious space around you and achieve a state of peace. Your role in this life is to work with foreigners in order to unite people of different cultures, learn "overseas" traditions and foreign languages, and introduce new things to life. People with the number 17 in their life goals often choose the profession of translators (or just learn languages), travelers, experts on cultures of different peoples, and become specialists in the field of modern technologies.

22. The Fool

Your life goal is to work with children, create something new and unusual, and travel as well. You should definitely take the initiative in your hands, you should act with enthusiasm, spontaneous, fun and easy to look at life. You should bring joy to people around you, keep a childlike directness and contact with your inner child. You need to be open to everything new and unusual. You can find yourself in professions related to children, laughter, and travel. Also, people with the number 22 in their life goals often choose some unusual professions or bring an element of non-standardness to their usual activities.

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