An astrologer has predicted the exact year when the war in Ukraine will end

All Ukrainians are eagerly awaiting a swift victory. So when will it come?

Astrologer Vlad Ross shared his insights on when the war in Ukraine will conclude. Many are hoping that hostilities will cease in the new year of 2024, but according to Ross, the victorious year will be 2025.

When will the war in Ukraine end - an exact date

Astrologer Vlad Ross, in a comment to UNIAN, noted that in 2025 a 9-year cycle of catastrophes will end. He says that this happens every 36 years. Thus, if you calculate when the war will end, you need to add 2+0+2+5. The result is 9.

"Every 36 years (3+6=9) there's a change of power in Russia, a fatal number for them. First, there was a tsar in Russia, then a revolution... In March 1953, Stalin died, and Khrushchev came to power. Then, in 1989, there was the Afghan War. If you add 36 years to 1989, you get 2025. So, the numerology of the war suggests that everything should end in 2025," Ross noted. Additionally, answering the question of when the war in Ukraine will end, astrologers say that next year will not only see a complete cessation of hostilities but also the withdrawal of all Russian troops from our country's territory.

"According to all numerological criteria, the end of the war and a complete turnaround in Russia will occur in 2025. Russia could collapse, like the USSR. The aggressor country will take a completely different course," added Ross.

Now you know that the end of the war in Ukraine, as predicted by numerology, will not be this year as many experts previously forecasted. Most likely, it will happen next year when Ukraine will receive even more support from partners.

Additionally, Ross had previously stated that the war in Ukraine could end with peace negotiations.

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