Friendship compatibility

Virgo and Cancer

Virgo and Cancer Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is quintessential of mind and soul harmony. Virgos are rational and have logical thinking, which is good for Cancers concentrated on their dreams and feelings, it’ll help them to come over their psychological problems. At the same time, a Virgo will be delighted at how the Cancer’s intuition works. This friendship can continue for many years, but, of course, if you’ll work on some moments.

Tips for Virgo

- Don’t gossip with your friend so much, however Cancers like it too. There’s a risk your friend will think you do the same about him/her with the others;

- Use kind persuasion instead of scandals and you’ll find a solution to any problem.

Tips for Cancer

- Don’t take everything your friend says personally, a Virgo’s cold mind doesn’t want to offense you;

- - Be sensitive and courteous with Virgos as they’re inclined to feel aggrieved too.

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