Friendship compatibility

Scorpio and Libra

Scorpio and Libra Friendship compatibility

It’s not the best friendship compatibility, especially if these signs have met being adults. Libra is peaceful and calm, he/she isn’t inclined to shout or making quarrels without a serious reason. That’s why there’s a misunderstanding with Scorpio who’s usually bright and notable for loud voice and memorable actions. However, if Scorpio has noticed something interesting in Libra, they’ll be friends for a long.

Tips for Scorpio

- Don’t be so emotional with your friend, he/she understand words better than body language;

- Try to get rid of the thought your friend wears pink glasses and learn how to solve problems as easy and fast as your friend does.

Tips for Libra

- Think twice before saying something to your friend, as he/she is very sensible and resentful;

- Don’t pay so much attention to Scorpio’s words, he/she just isn’t ready that you’re married already and have kids while he/she tries to cope with emotions.

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