Friendship compatibility

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo Friendship compatibility

This friendship compatibility is based on contradictions. It will be hard for Leo to gain prestige as Scorpio is like a boss for him/her. Scorpio sees all hidden intentions and goals that Leo has, that’s why the unreasonable demonstration of excellence won’t work for Leo. However, these people can be friends not for long. They are likely to leave each other after a serious quarrel, feeling only disappointment and anger. If you want to save this friendship, follow our recommendations.

Tips for Scorpio

- Don’t throw conniptions, Leo can’t stand it;

- Try to help your friend, not on the basis of your interest, but because he/she really needs it.

Tips for Leo

- Don’t allow Scorpio to rule you and defend your own opinion in any situation;

- Forget that your friend will ever change. If it’s uncomfortable for you to continue communication – stop it.

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