Friendship compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio

Pisces and Scorpio Friendship compatibility

It seems like it’s the best friendship compatibility among all the signs. Scorpio gets a lot of useful experience from communication with wise Pisces, while he/she is ready to teach everything he/she knows. It’s easy for these signs to trust each other and to move in one direction. However, Scorpio is a leader, he/she will be interested in everything Pisces does. Sometimes they have conflicts, but they aren’t so serious.

Tips for Pisces

- Remember that your friend is very emotional and be ready to make Scorpio calm in stressful situations;

- Don’t go too deep in yourself as your friend is introversive too, it’ll be hard to start communicating again.

Tips for Scorpio

- Be careful with the words and actions when you’re too emotional, don’t make Pisces harm;

- It’ll be hard to find a compromise in a difficult situation, but you’re the one in your couple who can do it.

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