Friendship compatibility

Libra and Gemini

Libra and Gemini Friendship compatibility

It’s one of the closest to the ideal friendship compatibilities. These 2 signs love spending time together, and it’ll better if their activities are relaxing or careless. Libra will make Gemini’s life more interesting by finding new ways of traveling and entertaining. While this friend is concentrated on ideas, Gemini solves everything with tickets, money, and dates. Also, this friendship usually lasts long and the friends hate being separated from each other.

Tips for Libra

- Try to make decisions faster as you friend hates to wait until you give an answer;

- Don’t be jealous of other Gemini’s friends. You won’t have new things to discuss if you’re concentrated on each other.

Tips for Gemini

- Appreciate what your friend does for you and be sure you won’t find a friend like this;

- Be ready to become more open-minded and that your life won’t be as settled as before you’ve met Libra.

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